Wijaya Santoso's #TopTenToys2015

WHAT IS #TopTenToys2015: "I'd asked for YOUR Top Ten Toys of 2015, and THESE were what you shared with us on TOYSREVIL! I will be featuring your lists on the blog in the month of January, so hit me with your favs via "toysreviler [at] gmail.com" - and have a fab toy year in 2016!"

An avid toy-collector and photographer from Indonesia, Wijaya Santoso shares with us snaps and his Top Ten Nine Toys List for 2015, along with his own words on why they made the cut! Make sure you head on to his Instagram @wijayasantoso for MORE toys!

#9 Power Rangers from The Loyal Subjects

WHY: "Cool piece from The Loyal Subjects, helmet is removable and have some articulations. Reminds me my childhood. This is my childhood favorite TV show."

#8 Snowy by Instinctoy

WHY: "Super cool snowman in sofubi. Its so cute."

#7 Mini Dissected from Mighty Jaxx x Jason Freeny

WHY: "Mini sized of super detail dissected figure by master Jason Freeny. Thanks to Mighty Jaxx make this figure for everyone."

#6 Marvel Select Carnage

WHY: "Released on 2015, this super details carnage is the best carnage sculpt ever made."

#5 Kinohel from P.P.Pudding Bird

WHY: "Very cute girl in bird costume, made by Gen Kitajima a.k.a P.P.Pudding."

#4 Molly Painter Doll from Kenny Wong

WHY: "The famous Molly become a articulated doll. This famous character now can make a lot of pose."

#3 Star Eater from Unbox Industries x Jeff Lamm

WHY: "Thanks to @davidthekiller i able to score this super figure. It destroy everything. I like a Godzilla style of monster very much, it destroy building, monster and other that bother it. An say Skreooonk..."

#2 - Daydreaming Nimbus by Kurobokan x Paulus Hyu

WHY: "The first time i see this very cute sleeping french bulldog is in the form of resin, due the resin is very fragile, I decide not to buy the resin one (but very disappointed right now). And very surprising now it become in vinyl form, yeah!!! Now i can bring it everywhere and take a photo of it."

#1 - Hulk Ollie from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

WHY: "Super awesome... i can't describe it with words..."