XXRAY.com & "Dissected XXRAY" from Korea's Sticky Monster Lab?

If you've missed the XXRAY-drop on the new dedicated www-locale @ www.xxray.com (like I did, dammit!), Mighty Jaxx has since announced that ActionCity (Singapore) will be their exclusive distributor for the #XXRAY series in Singapore.

Retailers location (currently listed are SG, Taiwan, and Thailand) and information can be found on the website as well, along with future releases - which also shows a SML (Korea's Sticky Monster Lab) = a possible new "Dissected" collabo?

UPDATED TEXT in XXRAY.com: "Sticky Monster Lab, a multidisciplinary creative studio founded in 2007, consists of members with various creative backgrounds. They have produced and released short animations that contain everyday stories in the monster world, which arouses sympathy by reflecting our reality. Through a comprehensive approach that covers various scope of works including illustration, graphic design, animation, motion graphic and product design, they actively work and expand the boundary of the monster world.

The monster character looks cute and simple at first sight but with a deeper look, it brilliantly reveals the dark side of reality. Surprisingly profound messages and emotional details hidden beneath its simplicity naturally leave the audience with strong impressions. Fusing works with its unique personality regardless of genre, SML shows that its possibilities are endless.

SML is working with us to produce limited edition XXRAY versions of their well loved characters! We will be presenting the series at Art Toy Culture in May 2016."