And The Oscar Goes To … The 88th Academy Awards & Bear Story

Sunday night February 28th saw the 88th annual Academy Awards saw Golden Oscars awarded to a variety of films for 2016 - which included Leonardo DiCaprio for "Best Actor" and "Spotlight" for Best Picture"! Check out the entire list here, and make your viewing/reviewing plans as you deem fit!

And while I've not seen loads of films on the list, I'm glad I managed to find and watch this sad tale for "Bear Story" directed by Gabriel Osorio - who won for "Best Animated Short".
""My grandfather, Leopoldo Osorio, was detained on 1973, during Pinochet’s dictatorship in Chile. He was incarcerated for two years, after which he fled to England, forced to live in exile and be apart from his family.

During my childhood I felt the invisible presence of an absent grandfather, who was not dead, but was not present in my life. My short film Bear Story is not about the life of my grandfather, but it is inspired by his absence and the mark it left on me."
- shared Gabriel Osorio (Read about the poignant origins on #anim8te / #popcornX)
Bear Story - Historia de un Oso - por PunkRobot

Recomendado para quien no lo ha visto aun, Bear Story, cortometraje de PunkRobot, nominado a los premios Oscar 2016

Posted by Alfredo Murúa on Thursday, February 25, 2016