Astrolapin: FULL CIRCLE - final vinyl release from mr clement

mr clement sends word of the his final release of Astrolapin in vinyl, with this all-silver "FULL CIRCLE" Edition in a run of 100pcs, each priced at £145GBP + Shipping cost orderable direct from the artist here on now. Sized 5.9“ x 8.9″ x 16.1″, and in "Imitation Steel" (Metallic Silver) finish. Here is what mr clement had to add about this release;
"To pay tribute to our journey and friendship - and as a farewell to the vinyl series, I think it's appropriate to have Astrolapin: Full Circle crafted in a steel-looking statue. I hope it will shine in your homes and our hearts forever, like a blackstar ... This is just a little break for me and the vinyl Astrolapin. I am not going to stop to creating art and Astrolapin will come back one day..." (Read more HERE on FB, along with more images)


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