BLACK BEAST by Philip Adamsen (for Animal Monster Boy - Demigod)

Denmark-based Philip Adamsen shares with us snaps of his upcoming release: "BLACK BEAST" from "ANIMAL MONSTER BOY" (AMB)'s "DEMIGOD!?" series. (Read more here)

This resin figure stands 17cm tall and possesses 12 parts, in a production run of 13 sets. Priced at US$100 + SHIPPING (EU 25€ + US/ world 35$ incl. insurance and tracking / Shipping from DK-Denmark / EU). You can order this via emailing "".

LORE: "“She didn’t recognize the faint silhouette at first but she had definitely seen it before. In some fevered vision. The shape moved closer and it’s shadow was terror. Now she remembered, it was evil, evil incarnate!”" (Read more HERE on FB)

I really like the multiple stacked layering option of this character figure, with swell memory-flashes of Ray Harryhausen's creations in earlier swords-n-sandals classics, like 1981's "Clash of the Titans".
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