Character Artwork for Netflix Marvel's Daredevil

Netflix has been releasing short character promo teasers - known collectively as "Character Artwork" - for their upcoming March 18th premiere of the second series of Marvel's DAREDEVIL (Blogged on #iliketeevee), and I'm sharing the 4 x 15-seconds videos seen thus far for Daredevil, "Foggy Nelson", "Karen Page" and the most recent "Frank Castle" AKA "The Punisher".

HUGE fan of Netflix's DD here in TOYSREVIL, so this is highly anticipated :)

All these follow the first part of the trailer recently released, and will lead on to "Part Two" of the trailer premiering on February 25th. Stay tuned to the Twitter @daredevil for updates, and of course on my television fan-blog @ #iliketeevee :)

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