"Leggo My Lego" - A solo exhibition by Lou Pimentel - Opens Feb 20th @ SubUrban Vinyl

EVENT PRESS: ""Leggo my Lego" A solo exhibition of new works from artist Lou Pimentel!! Lou brings his amazing watercolors and love for all things Lego together for an amazing solo show at Suburban Vinyl!! Come join Lou for his opening reception on Saturday February 20th from 6-9PM! Make sure you sign up for SubUrban Vinyls Email list to receive the show purchase preview Saturday February 20th at 2Pm EST before anyone else!" (Event Facebook page)
SubUrban Vinyl
4 Frederick St
Waldwick,NJ 07463

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'Business Casual' 8"x10" watercolor on paper.

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ABOUT THE ARTIST: "Lou Pimentel makes art because it’s fun making things, particularly the early chaotic stages of the process.

As a child Lou would spend countless hours drawing fish, or making costumes out of boxes, and scraps. Those worry-free, simple days were golden for him, and Lou aims to reconnect, and record those feelings with his art.

Lous body of work is like a time capsule documenting his interests, and feelings, past and present. It’s a way for him to connect with the viewer and tell them a bit about himself, his perspective of the world, and his experiences. In return, Lou hopes that people see a bit of themselves, and connect with the work on a deeper level.

Lou approaches his watercolors in the same manner that he did his oil paintings; creating an under painting in yellow ocher. But, after the under painting is done Lou jumps into his chaotic phase, where he creates splashes, puddles, and drips to give the work some drama. Lou pays close attention to values to help give his subjects the illusion of form and volume, but in very deliberate brush stokes, not worrying about smooth blends and transitions.

Everything Lou puts his name on is like a child to him; since he gave it life, and the fact that Lous work will still be around long after he is gone means a lot to him. Each creation is one of Lous footprints left behind. The work that he gave existence to also proves his own, and Lou thinks that’s beautiful."

This bad boy should be done today, then on to the next one. #leggomylego

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AMAZING work, no question!