MINI RAJINI by The Dishoom Movement - the "Chuck Norris" of India goes "Chibi"

From a new design collective based in Singapore; The Dishoom Movement has been working hard to "close the surprisingly enormous gap in the market when it comes to Indian movie memorabilia and collectibles." shared Puja Varaprasad.

Introducing "MINI RAJINI"! A 4" tall vinyl toy with the actor "Rajinikanth" depicted in "Chibi" style - based on his appearance in the classic 1995 Tamil movie "Baaasha" (peep trailer on #PopcornX) - for a swell blend of cultural aesthetics, with the result extremely pleasing eye candy!

Currently available to purchase online here is the 4" MANICK BAASHA (WHITE VARIANT) for SG$25.90. Do scroll down for more about the story behind the collectible, and check out their Instagram @thisisdishoom and Facebook Page!

"...Superstar Rajinikanth (who's known as the Chuck Norris of India - but we think he's peerless!). Rajinikanth has been a mainstay in Tamil cinema for over 40 years, and his popularity is incredible - not just in India, but wherever there is a significant Indian population. But what's surprising (and kind of amazing!) is that he's really popular in Japan, where he's known as the Dancing Maharaja.

We grew up on a staple diet of his movies, and we realised that there were no toys of Indian movie characters widely available. So we decided to design and manufacture these ourselves with some savings (and very little sleep!). "
- shared Puja Varaprasad.
"In November 2015, we launched the first of our Mini Rajini series in Singapore, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Baasha, a film that continues to have enduring popularity. We received a heartening response, and we have 3 more legendary Rajini characters in the works, to be released in April, in time for the Hindu New Year, and to coincide with the release of Rajinikanth's latest movie, Kabali." - added Puja Varaprasad.