#Monchhichi - McDees Happy Meal Toys in Singapore

And while "toys" are being replaced with "books" in the United States, promotions continue forth with a new series of toys in Singapore, with the adorable "Monchhichi"!
WHAT-ARE: "Monchhichi (モンチッチ Monchitchi?) is a line of Japanese stuffed toy monkeys from the Sekiguchi Corporation, first released in 1974. They were licensed by Mattel in the United States until 1985, and later distributed worldwide directly by Sekiguchi." (Read more on Wiki)
While this is hardly "art toy" or "designer toys", one cannot deny it's cuteness! Hey, we don;t "toy-discriminate" hee on TOYSREVIL, okay? :p

Spotted these last night at McDonald's Singapore (in White Sands Mall outlet). Promotion started February 4th and ends March 2nd, with weekly releases FREE with every Happy Meal! 8 characters to collect = 8 meals LOL … and NO, I am not paid to "advertise" for them, fhanks :p

Seems Malaysia has the same promo too - check out the video I found online posted at bottom of this post.

My makan partner @winzleong had mentioned the Hong Kong equivalent to these were mini plush! And yes, the little cheeky cutie is pretty apt as 2016 is the "Year of the Monkey" after all, with Chinese New Year festivities starting this weekend! Thank goodness they didn't make an "AngPow Monchhichi" or some such cheesy CNY product tho! LOL

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#Monchhichi #HappyMeal #McDonalds toys spotted at White Sands Mall branch

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