More WIPs of #ΛVΛW #mechanizeddragoon by Amanda Visell - Harold is Coming! And he is NOT alone…

Evolving from earlier WIPs, we begin to see "Harold" the "#mechanizeddragoon" being formed up via the hands and minds of Michelle Valigura and Amanda Visell, with their collaboration with Ashely Wood of ThreeA Toys in #ΛVΛW … ooohhhh he even comes with a lil'Bat-driving tank sidekick!

Previous released adaptations include Knuckle Draggin' Bertie Driver and Bramble, so folks keen for this esthetics are to stay tuned to Instagram @amandavisell for updates!

I wonder what Harold's horn sounds like. @ashleywoodart @worldof3a #ΛVΛW #mechanizeddragoon

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