Moving LEGO Sushi Train


LEGO萬歲!咁完美嘅迴轉壽司,送俾小朋友實開心到唔洗訓。#ikijp觀光 #日本觀光 #樂高 #迴轉壽司

Posted by Ikidane Nippon 香港・澳門 on Thursday, February 11, 2016

I've always kinda struggled to post about LEGOs on his blog, content with "pop-culture"-related, or movie-related releases … but this, how can this NOT be posted? I am ALL about "toys in action" … and also this suddenly reminded me loads of Café World, which I obsessed over during the "early days" of Facebook in '09! I'd imagine if I were into LEGO back then, I might have attempted to build my own KEGO Café to match my cyber one! "Obsessions" either way you look at it, I reckon ~ LOL


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