NARQUITO sofubi by Frank Mysterio Drops Feb 27

Tis been a while since our last feature on Frank Mysterio's "NARQUITO" vinyl figure, and has triumphed beyond his crowdsourcing campaign, and into production, now poised to be dropped come Saturday Feb 27th online via! (Congrats, Frank!)

Standing 3.5 inches tall, with each priced at only US$30.00 - this sofubi vinyl will come in a trio of editions: CLEAR, WHITE and "BLACK NARQ"!

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WHO-IS "NARQUITO": "It is a character created by the tendency of the Narco culture in Mexico is generating much controversy, the lifestyle of the drug and its side kitsch.

This project narquito, is intended to be a satire on the current situation in mexico is a kind of subculture that has developed right through the last years, people have no conscience and believes that taking this lifestyle may be the solution to your financial problems.

It's kitch in the sense that people listen to his music Narcocorridos, tries to dress the same way to pretend they have the narcos."

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A photo posted by frank m (@frankmysterio) on