Numbered Header Cards for Red Vader Grenade #TOYSREVIL Exclusive Edition

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Managed to sort out header cards for the Red Vader Grenade release (illustrated by yours truly), and will be bagging-n-tagging and mailing them out shortly! Thank you for your patience, folks!

FYI: the pieces will be numbered "*/10" on the header card, to be assured that you'll be receiving the limited run of 10 pieces only!

Designed by Han Yew Hock, the TOYSREVIL exclusive colorway RED VADER GRENADE can currently be purchased online here for US$80 (excluding S&H). Each purchase will come with a Mini Print by @yewhock, and postcard and stickers from TOYSREVIL!

Thank you for your purchase, folks!

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on


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