Pepe Hiller's KOR - Wood Toy Warrior Releases Feb 7

Releasing February 7th 2016 | 10pm CET (4pm EST) via is Pepe Hiller's latest designer wood toy; "KOR"! Limited to an edition of only 10 figures, each 3.5" hand-made creation is priced at $120.00 apiece.
"These chaps took me a few extra days but i think it was worth the struggle! It’s my most elaborated design so far with a lot of details, I hope you’ll like them." - added Pepe.
"KOR's body is handcrafted out of a more than 200 year old oak wood log. His head and horns are made out of teak and smoked oak wood. To defend his tribe he holds a carefully forged brass broad-sword covered with an ancient patina. His arms are articulated and features multiple solid brass and natural leather parts. The figure has a semi gloss finish thru oil and wax. Each piece is signed and numbered by the artist (iron branded/embossed)." (Read KOR's backstory HERE on FB)


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