#playingwith AIDAN - Vinyl by Prodip Leung x How2Work

Today we have a look at the soft vinyl figure named "AIDAN", with a design aesthetic and concept that stands apart from the current crowd of "art / designer toys" - eschewing "urban", to go "tribal"! LOVE IT!

Designed by Prodip Leung and made by How2Work, AIDAN was released at the annual Toy Soul event in Hong Kong last year 2015 in December. Initial retail was around HK$500 (approx. US$64). Zero idea about quantity limitation tho …

Dude comes in his own printed box, wears a printed fabric cape, over articulated arms and under an articulated head (non-removable helmet), and carries an awesome "fish-club" (…someone needs to make this 1:1-scaled ~ BAM-BAM-BAM!!!).

Finally #ProdipLeung's AIDAN has arrived! #toylife

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#playingwith AIDAN (& Keifer) by @prodipleung x @how2work #toylife (thanks for everything @winzleong!)

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Seen below in heated friendly battle with the teal-bodies asked warrior, is KEIFER - released instead a year earlier at Toy Soul 2014, and was even the event "mascot"!

"Keifer" was #5 on my Top Ten Toys of 2014 list, and "Aidan" would clearly have been too for this year's #TopTenToys2015, butI've only received him after the timeline - but tis all good, and mondo-THANKS to @winzleong for helping me lug this dude back from HK!

ADIAN versus KEIFER (both vinyls designed by Prodip Leung and made by How2Work from Hong Kong) #toylife

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Currently I do not see it being listed on sale online direct from the makers, so you might have to do a lil' toy-hunting for it … Folks in Singapore can make a beeline to Ozzo Collecton in China Square Central and purchase it in-store, IF there's any left tho… :p

Meanwhile, I am hugely loving the piece I have, and would no doubt attempt to collect an further vinyl warriors from Prodip's tribe! :)

Cheers, and Happy Toy-Hunting, folks!