TOYSREVIL-Exclusive Red Vader Grenade Drops Feb 19th

Releasing on Friday, February 19th is the tenth and final 10x10 exclusive edition to celebrate 10 Years of Bloggery on the TOYSREVIL-blog, with the explosive finale courtesy of Han Yew Hock ( / Instagram @yewhock), with the RED VADER GRENADE! Featuring a skull bursting forth underneath a Vader head on a (pineapple) grenade body, I'd recommend you'd NOT pull the ring, folks!

These 3D-printed RED colored collectibles (made by Shapeways) are available exclusively via TOYSREVIL, and are in a limited run of only 10 pieces! Priced at US$80 per (exclusive S/H) and available to purchase online here, each sized 3.8-inch tall item comes bagged and boxed, and includes a mini print from Yew Hock!

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TOYSREVIL Edition RED VADER GRENADE will go on sale from 12noon (+8 GMT / Singapore-time) on February 19th, the exact day to when the blog was born, a decade ago! I could not be as happy to have a Singaporean-designed collectible help me celebrate the finale of this year-long celebration!

FYI: Folks on the TOYSREVIL Mailing-List will have first dibs at acquiring these babies! And unspoken for will be listed for sale on Feb 19th, thanks!

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**Disclaimer: TOYSREVIL nor I will be responsible for the status of the collectible if stopped at your countries' customs, if it is deemed a "weapon" or "dangerous" item! But I will definitely state on custom declaration that this is a "toy". No Refunds. No Returns.