#SuperBowl 2016 TV Spots #SB50

And while it was the first day the Chinese Lunar New Year here in Singapore, the annual Super Bowl raged-on in the United States, which saw a series of feature films being represent by their TV Spots! Featured here in this single blogpost are a select few - scroll down to view them ("again", if you already have, all good!), and ENJOY!

Singapore's MBS / Marina Bay Sands and the ECP gets devastated in the latest Independence Day: Resurgence spot (from approx 0:23 seconds mark-in), and as well there's a new poster too! (We Singaporeans always gets kinda air-fist-punchy when we get represented on celluloid tho, even if it meant "disasters" ~ LOL)

Classic villain "Krang" is teased here in the latest spot for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows - which already included "Bebop and Rocksteady", "Casey Jones" and a new "Shredder" already! Totally bang-for-the-retro-buck on characters in this installment, methinks!

Fly to Metropolis & Gotham with Turkish Airlines - with this duo promo videos featuring "billionaires" of either cities in Batman v Superman - with "Lex Luther" for Metropolis, while "Bruce Wayne" promotes "Gotham" (something totally out of comicbook character as Bruce is drawing attention to his "public" self more … at least the Snyder version is different from the comicbooks, I guess?).

(Also blogged on #popcornX + #manofsteelmovie)

(Also blogged on #popcornX + #xmenonfilm)

The key-focus for X-Men: Apocalypse here, for me in this spot was most definitely the appearance of Olivia Munn's "Psylocke" for more than a headshot (in the last trailer), in a sequence that she's brandishing her psychic knife "in action" - and it is glorious geekboy-action, without a shadow of a doubt, c'mon! (Then of course there's THAT Psylocke versus Deadpool video …)

Ant-Man makes an appearance in Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, and sides have since been chosen for both #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan … Which side would YOU chose?

And speaking of "Ant-Man", the final featured video is for a product, but utilizing characters from the comicbook movies: Ant-Man versus The Hulk (using the likeness of actor Mark Ruffalo from "The Avengers) - with the two different sized characters fighting over … a can of "Coke Mini"? (Reminds e of airline coke cans anyways, doesn't it? Heh).

OTHER movies featured as well include yet another Deadpool, and even 10 Cloverfield Lane had some sort of allusion to "monsters" (but I'm not biting yet…) … and "Jason Bourne" returns with actor Matt Damon, this time in a movie where he doesn't need to be rescued! LOL