Things To Do On Valentines Night

A romantic dinner for two - at a fancy restaurant, or you've cooked or yourselves and eaten-in …- Valentines Night always inevitably starts out this way, then what's next? What else to do? Where to go?

So, okay, maybe I'll leave the "what else to do" up to YOU folks (*cough*), but maybe, here are a few suggestions you could consider doing/going to this weekend - especially if you read the TOYSREVIL blog, of course (heh);

A quick taste of tonight's show #inactionfigures4 #cluttergallery #designertoys #cluttermagazine

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Visit the Clutter Gallery in New York City (163 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508,), for the 4th annual (In)Action Figures show - to soak in the awesomeness of low-brow art collectibles, and mayhap purchase a one-off piece for your partner? Event launched Feb 13th and exhibits thru March 4th, 2015. Not in NYC physically? Go purchase the goodies online here instead!

Watch the movie, or go buy a Deadpool action figure from Hot Toys … or both. "He'll" love it, while "she'll" secretly want Ryan Reynolds - but remember you cannot be judge-ful too, just for today, okay? … hey, even Betty White endorses it, soooooo … (all pics via IG @vancityreynolds)

Want to share "alone time" with just the two of you and not with other strangers out celebrating the same day? Serenade your partner by the beachside - but not in the dark though! And bring champagne, don't forget the glasses/ cups, and yes, a beach or floor mat might be helpful (wet sand is NOT necessarily "romantic", fhanks)

Happy Valentines's Day

Happy Valentine's Day ❤

Posted by Showry - 쇼리 on Saturday, February 13, 2016

… but if your partner would prefer to stay indoors, maybe watch a lil'bit of South Korean entertainer; Showry, for a round of shared "WTH did I just watch?" (always fun to have "shared experiences" :p), or maybe get y'alls in "da naughty mood"? … and better chocolate than "ketchup", yeah? Calories-count notwithstanding ~ *cough*

….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND, that's about all I can think of, really! Hey, I know I'm not exactly "Mr Sociable" here, but … or maybe that's why I'm still "single"…?

Enjoy Your Valentines Day, and Night, folks!