TOYSREVIL-Exclusive Red Vader Grenade Available NOW!

Launched for sale online NOW HERE in the TOYSREVIL-Shop @ is the exclusive RED VADER GRENADE!

Designed by Han Yew Hock, the Red Vader Grenade is the tenth and final 10x10 exclusive edition to be released; celebrating 10 Years of Bloggery on the TOYSREVIL-blog! (BLOGGED)

The design of the (partial) head of Darth Vader helmet and a skull underneath was inspired by the scene in the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, for when Kylo Ren worships the burnt remnants of the Sith Lord! (Featured)

The RED colorway is exclusive only to TOYSREVIL and is limited to only 10 pieces of these 3.8-inch tall 3D-printed collectibles, priced at only US$80 apiece (excluding shipping & handling costs).

Each order of this numbered bagged-n-tagged edition comes with a mini print (shown here) designed by Yew Hock!

Thank you for your purchasing considerations, your purchase(s), and support!


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P/S: There is no quantity restrictions on the amount of Red Vader Grenades you choose to purchase, thanks!


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