@toysrevil Instagram Update 2016

With the new advancement in Instagram-technology, and the ability to helm multiple accounts, as of this moment - the @toysrevil IG will now focus all it's contents on TOYS and POP CULTURE happenings, including all bloggery under the TOYSREVIL-web-ring MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA

Thank you all for your *FOLLOW* considerations :)

No longer need you have to wade thru pics of our cat Mao, dishes my mum cooked or my messy room packing shenanigans, to get your toy-fix sated! I have since started another IG for them :)

All my #henglife #catlife #eatlife and personal non-TOYSREVIL bloggery musings will now reside on @asliceofheng. But maybe once in a while I'll still post toys, personal thoughts about them … maybe.

Cheers and Happy IG-ing, folks!


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