TREE BUDDHA by Pierre Santos

London-based artist/sculptor Pierre Santos shares with us snaps and info about his latest work; TREE BUDDHA - with 12 inches of resin awesomeness to be had in a trio of colorway editions - currently pre-orderable online via, with each priced at £100.00 apiece (No pre-determined date of delivery listed as yet).

#onTOYSREVIL: #resinmade TREE BUDDHA by #PierreSantos @pierre_yasuke

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With a focus on creating work based around horror, monsters, sci-fi and fantasy culture, Pierre's work with "Tree Buddha" exudes a distinct fantasy flavor with a hint of nirvanic bliss, like a semblance of zen, before chaos ultimately takes over …

Scroll down this post to see what colors Pierre had in mind for Tree Buddha, which may well propel him to dizzying new triply heights! And don't forget to check out Instagram @pierre_yasuke for more of Pierre's work!

Playing with potential colours for the toy #Designertoy #wip #sculpture #artwork

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