Who's Who In GACHA-MAXX from Max Toy Co x Monster Boogie

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Max Toy Co shares with folks a look at their new upcoming "GACHA-MAXX" series (Last Featured), featuring a whopping total of 10 x characters to collect! The brainchild of Max Toy label, Monster Boogie / Yo Miyamoto (AKA "Max Toy agent man in Japan"), Mark Nagata had shared that this "(has) been in the planning (for about one year :-)" - and I could not be more excited with what I see!

Scroll down for handy a quick run down of WHO they are, seen here in unpainted pulls!

DINO-TANK (Sculpted by Yoshihiko Makino / IG @tttoy_makino)
ONE-EYEZON (Sculpted by Yoshihiko Makino)
HOOTS The Owl Kaiju (Sculpted by Yoshihiko Makino, designed by Mark Nagata)
SMO-GIRL (Sculpted by Yoshihiko Makino)
SILLYMANDER (Sculpted by Yoshihiko Makino)

CYCLOPEAN CAT (Sculpted by Dango Ozawa)
CYCLOPUS The One-Eyed Octopus (Sculpted by Dango Ozawa)
BUTCH The Platypus (Sculpted by Suzuki-Seisakujo)
PUNCH The Gorilla (Sculpted by Pico Pico / IG @picopicoshimbun)
… and my ultimate favorite; GATOR SUB (Sculpted by Yoshihiko Makino)

No further product nor availability info at the moment - except that "Dino-Tank" WILL make it's way to the United States avaiable vi maxtoyco.com somewhen! Meanwhile, stay tuned to further updates on Instagram @maxtoyco (all images via).