1/6 PINHEAD – HELLRAISER III: HELL ON EARTH by Threezero - Pre-Orders Begin March 14th #HorrorMovieHeritage

PRESS: "Threezero Horror Movie Heritage is a series of collectible figures based on characters and creatures from horror cinema. To launch this series, Threezero presents Pinhead, the leading antagonist from the Hellraiser film franchise.

The fully-articulated Pinhead 1/6th scale collectible figure stands at 12”, featuring realistic metal pins and hooks, additional hands, a disturbing inventory of bladed torture devices and scalpel, and an authentically tailored replication of the Cenobite’s striking black costume with delightfully chilling realism complete with gory abrasions.

Pre-order for Pinhead will begin on March 14th 09:00am HKT (Previous day at 8:00pm EST) at Threezero’s online store @ www.threezerostore.com. SRP for the figure is US$195."
(Wholesale pre-orders can be placed on the same day with Threezero directly).
About Pinhead: "Cenobites are former humans that have been transformed into demonic creatures who travel to Earth though the Lament Configuration puzzle box in order to harvest human souls. Pinhead, the infamous hell priest, is one of the demonic leaders of the Cenobites guiding them from their extra-dimensional realm to join him as he terrorizes the humans on Earth. The Pinhead 1/6th scale figure is designed after his appearance in Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, including metal pins and hooks, the torture devices hanging at his waist, and an authentic tailored costume. The figure includes additional hands with both outstretched and relaxed positions, and Lemarchand’s Box – the Lament Configuration accessory."

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"Collectible stands 12 inches / 30.5 cm tall, features head sculpt with metal pins and hooks capturing realistic likeness of Pinhead portrayed in Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth movie; comes with Lemarchand’s Box (known so well to all fans of the series) and interchangeable hands. For this release we created an authentic and tailored replica of Cenobite’s striking black costume and of course a set of bladed torture devices and scalpel hanging at Pinhead’s waist."

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Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth - Pinhead collectible details:

*Fully-poseable figure stands at 12 inches/ 30.5cm tall;
*Head sculpt with realistic likeness to the character portrayed in Hellraiser 3;
*Real metal pins and hooks;
*An authentic, tailored replica of the Cenobite's striking black costume with delightfully chilling realism, complete with gory hooks and piercings.
*A disturbing inventory of bladed torture devices & scalpel hanging at his waist;
*Comes with Lemarchand's Box (the Lament Configuration).
*Interchangeable hands:
-outstretched hand (for holding Lemarchand's Box)
-relaxed hand
-open hand with pins.