#animewatches Ended Early This Week

As of early this week, 4 of my weekly anime-watches had completed their series runs, namely Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Dimension W, Heavy Object and GATE (Series 2) ... my otaku-heart sobs silent anguish of emptiness to come … but there's still World Trigger, not forgetting Terra Formars Revenge … and perhaps I could return to Durarara Season 1 … but frankly my interest for that anime has but dried up pretty quickly, like what happened to Concrete Revolutio, actually haha … can't really force myself to "like" an anime, I reckon, as instinctively you'd have to like and enjoy it first before choosing to continue with it … #firstworldproblems #animekeepmebusy

"#MobileSuitGundam #IronBloodedOrphans #anime has been one of the best series I've seen this/last year, and had been one of the more emotional and intense series, even if the series had been based on the adventures of "children" ... We call "children" because of their young age, but in reality the story depicts more than the synopsis have you believe, and to me is an exceptional series to follow, with 25 episodes in total for this season. Exceptional and recommended, even for folks who are not into Gundam - This series is in fact my first Gundam series to finish in full :)" (Blogged on #iNotOtaku!)
And why is this mentioned here on TOYSREVIL? Simply because in my mind, "anime" and "toys" are inexplicably part of the same "TOYSREVIL World and Pop/Sub Culture(s)", even as they might manifest unto different forms, media and genres, they are all apart of the geeklife I inhabit, and possibly tons of other folks out there in the world at large :)

Scroll down to view more clickables to my I Not Otaku! fan-blog for more of my impressions of the episodes (screensnapped on my Instagram, no doubt to some folks' chargin :p)

Thus far I've not exactly been detailed about my impressions for the animes I follow, having decided I'd rather enjoy them and attempt short impressions on my Instagrammed "screensnaps", in lieu of lengthy discussions of each episodes or even video-ed "fan reactions - as is the norm these days, in whichever part of the globe you might be from - proving how much I "suck" at doing this blog-thing hahaha

Nevertheless, I'd still endeavor to share my enjoyment for anime instead :)

Anime-ON, folks!
Andy ~ Livin' da GEEKLife

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