C2E2 & SVCC Exclusives & Releases from BeeFy & Co.

Menh Voong shares with us what's the goodness to be had at C2E2 (Booth #663) & Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC Booth #421) - where BeeFy & Co. will be exhibiting at both cons simultaneously!

"Brachiopoo is our first character from our Adventures of Dinopoos series. Brachiopoo towers up to 15" tall! Our Biggest Poo plush to date! He comes with bendable and pose-able neck and tail. This EXCLUSIVE edition includes Brachiopoo's favorite food, a Yummy Bendable Seaweed!"
Priced at US$28. this is a Duo Con Exclusive for C2E2 & SVCC, in a limited edition of 100. (*50 will be available at each con).

"Totopoo - This My Neighbor Totoro inspired plush stands 10" tall. Has a 360 degree head articulation and comes with a magnetic removable Leaf Umbrella for all the rainy days waiting at the bus stop!"
Priced at US$25 - this is a Duo Con Release for C2E2 & SVCC, with limited availability while supplies last.


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