Collect and Display's Exclusives for #ToyConUK 2016 (Part 1)

UK-based retailers Collect and Display shares with TOYSREVIL what they'll be having made available at their splendtastic booth at the coming ToyConUK opening for one-day-only on April 9th!

Headsup for folks who want to have a chance and scoring leftover pieces online after the event by subscribing to their newsletter here. Meanwhile, scroll down for pics and product details/prices for PART ONE! (Stay tuned for "Part Two" :p)

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Above-left: 6” Vinyl Bedtime Bunnies by Peter Kato x Clutter in an Edition of 45 pieces @ £35.00 apiece.
Above-right: 4.7” Romeo from Fufufanny @ £20.00 apiece – with 15 pieces available exclusively via CnD with a larger release to follow later in the year from the artist directly.
Bottom-left: Nimbus Daydream Lime Edition - limited to 45 pieces @ £25.00 (Previously Featured).
Bottom-right: 4.5” Cocoa Satyr by Seulgie, in an Edition of 5 @ £95.00 apiece.
Below-left: 3.5” White Galaxy Star Uamou is in an Edition of 15 @ £30.00 apiece.


Customs by Max Toy Co's Mark Nagata - include TriPasu (£85 / above-right), Mini-clear rainbow Captain Maxx (£30), and Saikobi Dino (£140.00).


(Cheers for the headsup, Lee)


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