Eight-Inch Tall Stealth Mecha Dunny by Frank Kozik x Kidrobot Unleashed Now!

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

From 3"-er to 8"-er, the latest colorway of Frank Kozik's Stealth Mecha Dunny, sees the weathered pink+yellow vinyl beast (not very "stealth"-ish colors, unless you're in the neon clubs back alleys :p) retailing for US$75 on Kidrobot.com, and at various retailers that carry KR-toys.

I am so loving this! (I said so before, didn't I? :p)

As well Kidrobot is promoting their Twitter with a "RT & Follow" giveaway contest to win said Mecha Dunny! Might have a go to score myself a Dunny, innit? LOL


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