Galaxxor @ #C2E2 2016

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Ben Spencer AKA Galaxxor sends info+images of what he'll have at Booth #760 at C2E2 this coming weekend (April 18-20), featuring 4 figures - each a collaboration with an artist from the independent toy scene. Scroll down to whet your appetites for awesome indie toys, and check out THIS Facebook post for MORE images!

Man-Uzi by Galaxxor x ManOrMonster? Studios will be in an edition of 3 x 5.5" tall resin figures, each priced at US$80.

Fugg the Slayer "Flesh to Death" Edition by Galaxxor x BigManToys is in an edition of 3, priced at US$60 each - "FUGG LIFE!"

Tricera-Tank Phaze Trooper by Galaxxor x Goodleg Toys is a 5.5" resin figure that was cast in clear resin by Goodleg Toys, in an edition of 3 at US$80.

Rudeboy, Anthropomorphic Rhinoceros Henchman by Galaxxor x 5.5 Customs is a 5.5" resin figure sculpted and produced in resin by 5.5 Customs and sporting a paintjob by Ben. An edition of 5 and US$60 each - all of the above can be had at Nerd City's booth #760 in the Block!