"Hot Springs" - Secretfresh x Tokidoki Limited Edition Sculpture

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Here are more peeks at the 4-feet tall Secretfresh x Tokidoki Limited Edition Sculpture known as "HOT SPRINGS" (I named it "tokidoki-girl", silly me :p), who made it's public display debut at Simone Legno's "Dimensions of the Self" solo show at Secret Fresh launched over the weekend!

Item is officially named "Hot Springs" and is sized 47” tall x 48” wide (Right side to Left side) x 47” (Front to Back). In an edition of 30, each sculpt is priced at US$3200 (excluding shipping). 3 Variants are available;

- Light Skin Tone with Red Lipstick and Red Dragon Tattoo
- Light Skin Tone with Blue Lipstick and Yellow Dragon Tattoo
- Tan Skin Tone with Purplish Lipstick and Pink Dragon Tattoo

For inquiries, email “freshmanila@gmail.com” …
Yes, I'd love t wake up to her, black-eyes and all LOL ~ Meanwhile, scroll down for more snaps!


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