#playingwith #Zootopia Action Figures from TOMY

After a week of false starts and failed intentions, I managed to catch Disney's Zootopia in the cinema today, and utterly LOVED IT! And while I have since offered my impressions of the film on my #popcornX movie-blog, THIS particular post instead focuses on TOYS based on characters from the animated film, picked up from the Toys R Us in Tampines Mall, Singapore (oh-so-conveniently located a level below the cinema)!

Made by TOMY, these simple articulated figures of NICK WOLDE the fox and Officer JUDY HOPPS the bunny, were large enough not to be held too precious unflustered in card (even though they weren't scaled to each other, like in the movie) … although the paintapp could have made a far difference away from mass market toys (which they were, of course) and the articulated joints could have been tighter, these guys were ultimately, FUN!

Scroll down for some more snaps, with further commentary in the Instagram-pics captions.

If you are not convinced by the toys, make sure you'll go catch the movie at least! Looks like a kid's animated cartoon, yes, but be surprised as well how suitable it is for grown ass men and women too :)

Cheers and have a toy-ful week ahead!

#playing with #NickWilde and Officer #JudyHopps from #Zootopia #articulationisfun #toylife

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