President Obama in #SXSW Checking Out Kaiju & Beavis-n-Butthead

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The (current) President of the United States Obama Barrack spotted at Guzu Gallery in Austin, Texas for #SXSW (Pic via @RagoneAugust), and I wonder how he relates/related to Ultraman kaiju - I would LOVE to know! :)

*UPDATED: Oh Dear, it seems this was all a photoshopped "spoof" meant for promotions?
"Guzu Gallery Director Vincent X Torres is responsible for the altered image. He wanted to promote his 'Half Human' series of art prints and posted the image to Guzu's Facebook page." (reported "FOX 7 reached out to Torres and he did admit that the photo was a spoof."
(Thanks for the headsup, "Cleveland"!)

ORIGINAL POST: @GuzuGallery also tweeted; "@POTUS always visits @GuzuGallery when he's in town … and he's an OG Beavis & Butthead fan! - who is seen pointing at artwork by @HalfHumanHeart (Eric & Vincent Torres). #CornholioFTW


Cleveland said…
Confirmed photoshop!
YIKES! thanks for the headsup, Cleveland!!! :)

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