RAMPAGE TOYS' Instagram Contest Ends March 31st

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Shown above is my submission for the RAMPAGE TOYS' Instagram Contest! Tis my interpretation of #UglyUnicorn as a humanoid bipedal with albino skin and platinum hair, a creature of magic and chaos! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA

To enter, folks must:

Step1: Post a photo (on instagram) of your favorite RAMPAGE TOYS figure OR an ORIGINAL illustration (drawing, painting, etc.) of your favorite RAMPAGE TOYS character.

Step2: Include the following hashtags #rampagetoys #rampagetoyscontest @jmrampage

Step3: Please post your image to Instagram by 3/31/2016. (No specific time/timezone mentioned, so stay sharp peep! :p)

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"I will choose my 10 favorite images from all posted images, then I will repost the images to my own feed.

3 winners will be chosen based on the number of likes that each photo receives. So, I will not be the final judge of the 10 chosen images, but rather my followers will be!

Prizes will be shipped to the three winners. They will be good prizes, but I'm keeping them secret in order to avoid any sort of 'hype based participation.' This is for fun people - have fun!"
- blogged Jon Malmstedt of RAMPAGE TOYS.