Silver Edition Trooper Famous Chunkies by Alex Solis x VTSS Releases March 15th

VTSS will release a special Silver Edition of their Famous Chunkies TROOPER on March 15th (see timing below) via, with each 8-inch tall collectible priced at US$280 (free worldwide shipping), limited to only 30pcs in this edition!
VTSS PRESS: "“Famous Chunkies” is a series project by artist Alex Solis and VTSS from 2015. First batch are four characters, Dark Lord, Trooper, The Grand Master and The Jedi. After gold and grey edition which released on February, VTSS will release special trooper silver edition. Trooper silver edition is a real electroplating art work, comes with black burrito and gun as accessories. Every figure has a COA card which is signed and numbered by artist."
Order date & time: March 15, 2016
-7AM Los Angeles Time
-10AM New York Time
-11PM Taiwan Time
-4 PM London Time
-12AM (March 16) Tokyo Time


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