"Son of Mummy YouZha" by Plaseebo x Kearjun Drops March 11th

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PLASEEBO PRESS: "This is the fourth in a series of one of a kind custom YouZha figures to be released over the next few months. We are pleased to have this opportunity to collaborate with Kearjun, the China-based artist who created the 8 inch vinyl YouZha figure. The "Son of Mummy YouZha” has red glass inset eyes and gold metal leaf head and teeth. There is a motion activated color-changing LED unit inside the body that illuminates the the cloth wrapped body from within as well as lighting the red glass eyes. He also comes with a 9 inch vinyl Plaseebo sarcophagus. Signed and dated 2016."

This is amazing work all-around, methinks! Colors spot-on, and a swell blend off Bob Conge's "American Kaiju" aesthetics and Kearjun's "YouZha" (the pronunciation of which - in Chinese - suddenly reminded me of the word "油炸" / you2zha4 = which literally mean: "fried in oil" - "foetus deep fried in hot oil"? So Apt! LOL).

The "Son of Mummy YouZha" will be available on Friday March 11th from the Plaseebo web-shop on plaseebo.net!