SPAWN: Yesteryear Film and Tomorrow Toys

#SPAWN happening right now on WarnersTV cable 515 in Singapore! #classic #comicbookmovie

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Caught the beginning bit of SPAWN the feature film last night on the telly (WarnerTV cable channel#515 in Singapore), and relished at both the "darkness" of the film's intent and treatment, as much as the superhero-film adaptation which current cinema seem to want to reflect in their presentation - with this 1997 film more akin to DC Comic's dark-n-broody take on "reality" (ala "Dark Knight", "Man of Steel") versus Marvel's slightly more "sunshine" approach in their offerings thus far … compared to what happens "after the sunset", a horror-version of "Suicide Squad", where people do "bad things" gets a chance to do "right things", given the second chance to? (Read more HERE on #popcornX)

… THEN, waking up the next day seeing the below featured video showcasing "behind-the-scenes" making-of the new upcoming SPAWN figure from Todd McFarlane, was a serendipitously "surprise" on a Saturday morning, indeed! I figured folks of my generation (*cough*) started out with SPAWN action figures too, didn't you? … which led us to this toylife we might be living now ~ LOL

Enjoy Your Toy-ful Weekend,

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Posted by Todd McFarlane on Thursday, March 3, 2016