The Coming of the Night King by Brandt Peters x Cardboard Spaceship Toys

From the world of Stingy Jack, meet The Night King!" Produced by CardboardShip Toys and designed by Brandt Peters, the last we saw of Night King was when it was listed as apart of their Kickstarter for "Callilope", for which the project was pulled shortly after it's launch … but fret not, for the Night King continues forth unto the toy world, with the first colorway dropping at Stranger Factory's 5 Year Anniversary! Further info when I have them.

"It's been a journey to get my toy modeling closer, and closer to my original design vision. As many toy designers know, it's a compromise much of the time like anything. I can truly say that Dennis and I spent a very long time getting him right. No rushing, no translation hang ups, we fussed, we went through with a magnifying lens and got everything exactly 100% the way I had intended him. This is what happens when two artists don't compromise... It doesn't get to happen often. But it did in this case - you knocked it out of the park @vonjello … Great job Dennis!!!!" (shared Brandt Peters of working with 3D Modeling by Dennis Cornetta)