The Sucklord's GAY ULTIMATE Exclusive for GALLERY TARGET (Solo Show March 25 – April 15)

The Super Sucklord is currently in Japan, in attendance for an upcoming opening of his solo show at GALLERY TARGET (March 25 – April 15), with an opening reception from 7–9 pm on March 24th. Amongst the awesome suckness that would take up "2 full floors of" the location, there'd be a Japanese Exclusive = Presenting the GAY ULTIMATE!

From shocking pink Stormtrooper bootlegs to a very geographical + pop-culturally apt fictional character with shinychrome accents, is this slice of bootleggery I would dearly love to have!

And while neither quantity nor price is as yet revealed, note that this is available only at #GalleryTarget Tokyo, so folks interested are to start sorting out your toy-ways, stat!

EVENT PRESS: "The SUPER SUCKLORD Famous Supervillain and Television Star brings the best offerings from his criminal Toy factory in Chinatown New York City!

Shamelessly stealing Toys From STAR WARS and other famous Pop Culture Phenomenon, He destroys and remakes them into something new, important, and Dirty. This exhibit will demonstrate the Sucklord抯 power to the people of Japan FOR THE FIRST TIME! Come see 2 full floors of mutant toys, pornographic prints, and Cute Food figures, all served with the flavor and taste of the most notorious Toymaker in all of America! To learn more about the Sucklord and his adventures. got to"

2-32-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Open from 12 – 7 pm
Closed on Sunday and holiday


Jeremy Mauney said…
Just a heads up that there is a mini-documentary being produced about Sucklord's trip to Japan and will be released exclusively via the Tokyo Toy Bastard ( ) There is already a teaser trailer up.