Which Is Your Fav Spider-Man Suit?

*UPDATED: So, Your Fav Spider-Man Suit Is …*

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And with the introduction of the NEW Spider-Man costume in the trailer for "Captain America: Civil War", we have yet another celluloid costume of the comicbook web-slinger to "enjoy". Possessing non of the previous "basketball leather-skin" qualities, I kinda really like this new incarnation, which as well harks back to a retro-sense of aesthetics, from the comicbooks, and especially the 1977-70 tv series, which frankly seems to bear the most resemblance with!

But before I ramble on with my impressions of the "new" Spidey-suit, here is a look at the various incarnations of the Spider-Man-suit worn thru the years on the screens, for your considerations!

I AIM TO DISCLAIM: And while I present forth images of the cinematic costume, I'd choose not to show any comicbook versions here, because franky, there are far MORE changes in comicbook than any medium out there LOL

Sam Raimi directed Toby Maguire thru 3 x films, and even an all-black incarnation of the Venom-symbiote suit (which I was severely disappointed with, but that's not the gist of this comparisons between his red and blues).

When the first visuals were released, the obvious raise relief effect of the webbing on the costume was extremely pronounced, along with a darker shade of red and an even darker and even somewhat shimmering spandex-y midnight-blue … this wasn't the comicbook version we had been used to seeing, folks!

I had actually accepted this variation of the cost, as much as the relief aspect of it bothered me, but understood that it might well be iced for purposes of capturing light and providing a visual texture for the senses. Only thing that bothered me personally throughout the 3 films, were the "eyes" - which looked way too much like a vizor or a pair of shades sewn into the mask … doesn;t really look much like your "friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" here, IMHO. "Realism" looses a point here.

The SIZE of the spider-logo on the front of the costume fluctuated from a smaller subtle size, to a larger representation (with longer "legs"), which shrunk down slightly by the 3rd movie. The blue had seem somewhat purple-y by then, but maybe it was the films' palette that ad tricked my eye.

Marc Webb directed Andrew Garfield thru 2 x films, which featured a heavily textured suit, so much so I felt gave him less pathos and hunger while become more of a upper-middle-income kid, who could obviously afford to make and don nice-nice mall-costumes, hence leading to a subtle sense of disconnect.

Bizillionaires like "Bruce Wayne" and "Tony Stark" make nice-nice superhero costumes yah know? LOL

The colors in this first "Amazing" flick turned more rich with the red, to blend n with the richer background colors (which were muted in Sam Raimi's earlier films) and by the 2nd "Amazing"-film, the red turned up a few knotches pink/magenta, with an even richer film palette - which thanks to "Electro", glowed neon-blue, conveniently reflected off Spidey's costume, highlighting the hue, so much so, the color spectrum became a massive blur of motion, IMHO.

One aspect of the costume which I had enjoyed, were the "eyes" (in Amazing Spider-Man 2") with the shape likened more to a "cartoon version" with which I maintain a certain"charm"and friendliness to the costumed crime-fighter, IMHO. I appreciated that.

The eyes in the first "Amazing Spider-Man" was a horrendous squinty "evil" eye(s) in gaudy gold - OMG like a poser with metallic shades in his lamb revving up at the traffic junction red hahahahaha

At this point too, the spider-logo on his chest looked somewhat negligible, you might not even notice it, back for the glaring red-on-blue at his back.

He wasn't the superhero I grew up with, he was the superhero film executives were telling me to accept that this was the superhero I grew up with, and frankly a part of me resisted against that.

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Tom Holland stars as "Peter Parker", whose solo movie premieres in July 28, 2017 from Sony, whereas for his appearance in "Civil War" happens May 6, 2016. It has been speculated online that the incarnation seen in the trailer was made by Tony Stark (with the eye-aperture" upon closer inspection), and that he wore something else before, anyways …

First off, I am thrilled they decided to do away with the "raised-relief-webbing" and basketball-textured oneis (I know it's not a "oneis" but I don't know what else to call it :p) and went direct to a brighter palette of red and blue! Very retro, indeed! (I wouldn't put it beyond the color-choice being Parkers, and that's the reason why Tony calls them "Underoos", maybe? :p), so there might be more going on than a mere cameo …

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And as well I sorta liked the teeny-tiny spider logo on the shirt-front, which doesn't necessarily scream "Studio Selling Spider-Man", but that's just me.

But then again, this is just look at a few seconds off a trailer for a NON-SPIDERMAN film, and nobody ever mentioned this was the FINAL version of the suit, so I'd hold off on my judgement for now, and see where Marvel takes us next …

Everyone's Freaking Out About Spider-Man In Captain America: C...

Spider-Man finally joins the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War

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Mind you, in the prior 5 movies, Spider-Man was helmed by Sony (which had/still-have the license for Spider-Man), but in THIS incarnation in "Captain America: Civil War", they're playing in Marvel/Disney's pen, so we'll see what the celluloid future holds, yeah?

In the comicbooks, Stark gave him a suit-upgrade with multiple limbs, and was re-named "Iron Spider" tho (courtesy of www.comicbookmovie.com) ~ Heh.

My personal pick is the Spider-Man "tokusatsu" series from 1978, actually! Besides the kitschy giant robots and vehicles (at the request of Bandai, no doubt to make into "toys"), the character possessed a bracelet which provided me tons of fun as a child with a strap-on "webslinger", which didn't make me stand out like a "bootleg" if compared to a "western" Spider-hypen-Man LOL


- Most images via IMDb.
- Spider-Man in "Captain America: Civil War" are screengrabbed via the trailer.