CROSSBONE ZOMBIE Baby Blue from Kenth Toy Works x Toy Art Gallery Lottery (April 1-4, 2016)

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Scroll down for a chunka-text about how you could get your hands on this Baby Blue colorway edition of CROSSBONE ZOMBIE by Kenth Toy Works x Toy Art Gallery, via Lottery! AND to give you a taste of what else to come, Gino from TAG as well teases a somewhat similar blue colorway of Kenth's "Nadsat Boy" to come soon too! Time to sort out your shelf-space for toy-sweetness to come, folks!
TAG TEXT: "Toy Art Gallery is proud to present the CROSSBONE ZOMBIE from Kenth Toy Works! Meticulously sculpted by Kenth Toy Works and produced by Toy Art Gallery, the Crossbone Zombie stands 10" tall and is articulated at the head, arms and waist. Made in Japan.

The Baby Blue CROSSBONE ZOMBIE retails for $85 and will be released via email lottery starting on Friday, April 1st at 12PM PST and ending on Monday, April 4th at 12PM PST.

Email with “Crossbone Zombie Lottery” as the subject
along with your paypal address and shipping info. If selected you will be sent an invoice for payment. Please allow 24 hours for a response after the closing time (Monday 12PM PST). Winners will be chosen at random, one entry per participant please (if you submit more than once you will be disqualified). Good luck!"