Custom-Feature: Pinky & The Brain Munny by Homunculus Studio

From London Ontario Canada comes Taylor Davy AKA "Homunculus", of Homunculus Studio - comes "Pinky and The Brain" - currently available to purchase here as a set for US$250.00 + Shipping costs.
"... I started making toys a little over a year ago, and this is my first customization of a platform, namely, the Munny.

I started making toys because I was forced through circumstance to find another career, I was drawn to making toys because I love the nostalgia of childhood; and I love, through my work, helping adults reconnect with that, if only for a second.

This is my interpretation of the classic 90s cartoon characters: Pinky and The Brain, made with polymer clay and acrylic paints on 2.5 inch and 4 inch Kidrobot Munnys."
And let us welcome him into the Art Toy Fold! Now go snag this pair, GO! :)

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