Custom OMENS from Shinobistinks + UNCLE Studio + ink_visuals

A trio of custom-"Omens" newsery packed in one-single-blogpost for your reading and purchasing considerations! Folks seem to really like coarse's vinyl owl, don't they? #NICE

Seen directly below is the "Daruma Omen" by Joseph Ehara AKA shinobistinks. Scheduled for a release online via on 04/08/2016 at 12:00PM PST - these are Custom hand painted 3" Coarse Omens using acrylic paint (if interested, people can also email "")

Limited to 5 pieces total (4 Red variants - Traditionally used for Luck & Good Fortune + 1 White variant - Traditionally used for Love & Harmony) with each priced at US$65 (not including shipping/handling). Each piece includes: 1 Daruma Omen, 1 wooden base, 1 mini Sharpie.

[ Individual images of DARUMA OMENS HERE on FB ]
"These are custom 3" Coarse Omens created in the style of a traditional Japanese Daruma Doll. Right now there are probably a lot of people like me who are slacking on goals they created after the new year. The inspiration was simply to bring a tangible piece a person can use as a reminder of something they are wishing for, or working towards. The eyes on the Daruma Omen are intentionally blank when sold. Once received, you fill in one eye to set a goal, then filling in the other when the goal is completed. The single eye filled acts as a reminder to continue working towards your goal. After both eyes are filled in, you are now reminded of your accomplishment and you’ve seen it through." (shinobistinks)
[ Individual images of MOONY HERE on FB ]

Featured above is "Moony" by UNCLE Studios - customized on a
7" Coarse Omen and is available for US$300.00 via
"After taking a lengthy break from customizing toys on a serious level to focus on school, I am BACK! (and there was much rejoicing). This time away allowed me to come back with a passion to try executing something that I have always wanted to achieve.

My latest work is focused on life, the universe and everything. Using only paintbrushes, I have attempted to contain the beautiful concept of infinity, both beautiful and scary, in a figure that fits on a shelf."
(UNCLE Studios)

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"Meet "incompleto,majestuoso and encantada" - they come from above to show you how to celebrate life, let them guide you and you'll surely have a grand time but beware there's always one that love trouble … there's 2 black and a glow in the dark chase all three are hand painted with 100% Swarovski Crystals and the chase glows like no other!"
Created by Rob (ink_visuals) Ramirez and available via email, they have since been Sold Out (at time of this blogpost). Peeps wanting to commission him for your own piece(s) are to email email "" :)