More Exclusives & Collectibles for #ToyConUK 2016

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With ToyConUK primed to launch April 9th in London, here's a quick glance at what else will be available at the one-day-only-event (In addition to the detailed features on TOYSREVIL). Alas, this is far from complete, but is currently available ia my social media feeds.

Feel free to check out further product details and updates via the Instagrams I've listed here, for which this is primarily a picture-heavy post instead.

Seen up top is 2PETALROSE packing up his figures - some of whom have been previously featured HERE - and they look absolutely phenomenal, methinks!

We've featured his Kaiju Onslaught Wave 2 before, but James Freckingham AKA ROBOTI INDUSTRIES will have much more at the table for ToyConUK!

Stay connected via his Instagram @roboticindustries!



Above-left-right: by @johnkennmortensen / one offs & test pulls / new Lolgolth Gnazgaroth by @theartofskinner / "Agent Hexx" by @datadub ("Visible Man" 'bootleg editions' series)
Middle: mixed parts @paulkaiju Mini Mockbats (sold blind bagged)
Bottom: Vampire series from @johnkennmortensen

UNBOX INDUSTRIES is bringing a fantastic-looking spread of collectibles! Check out their Instagram @unboxindustries for further product details and updates!

"Dazzle Fingers B+W Finger Five" and ToyConUK exclusive DATADUB to be had from Don @datadub Kratzer of Fig-lab!


Above: "Dunkin' Dolly" = "Which flavour donut you'll get will be a mystery. Either an orange one with vanilla drizzle or a pink one with sprinkles."
Middle-left: "Bubbles Lime Flavour"
Middle-center: "Totoro Firefly edition" (Limited to 3pcs)
Middle-right: "Lucky the Calico edition" (Limited to 15pcs)
Bottom-left: "Clockwork Billy" (Limited to 3pcs)
Bottom-right: "Lucky Louis"

DOLLY OBLONG is bringing the CUTENESS the event, and you can say connected to her Instagram @dollyoblong for any further product details and updates!


Packaging for Lisa Rae Hansen's Erock and Heavy Metal Wookie is pretty splendid, methinks! Featured here / Stay connected by Instagram @ibreaktoys!


MINTYFRESH is making available two exclusives for the event; Koraters' Byron and Rangeron(Koraters x T9G) in tinted green, and the Mono Edition of "Friendly Fire" from Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx (Limited 100pcs). Stay connected via Instagram @mintyminty, and check out post-event to see if any of the exclusives left unspoken for!

THE TOY CHRONICLE is making a splash at this year's ToyConUK, with inviting Huck Gee (@huckgee) across the pond over to join invited guests @jonpaulkaiser, @whereschappell, @rxseven, @hughrose84 - some previews of what they'll be bringing for the one-day only event. Wouldn't expect anything less of the folks who won "Best Blog" in the 2015 Designer Toy Awards!


Above-left: "Hermanos" by @troutshoes x @rxseven at booth #11-12
Above-right: BabyTEG Starter Pack from @quiccs
Bottom-left: TTC heads by @whereschappell at £8 each
Bottom-right: TTC-Exclusive "Inner Child" from Nerviswrek x Suburbanvinyl


@hughrose84 via Table 4
Above-right: Red Devil Dunnys priced at £50 each x 6 avail
Bottom-left: Skeletons at £50 each x 6 avail.
Bottom-right: Frankenstein Dunnys at £50 x 8 avail.

As I had mentioned at the beginning of this post, this feature is far from the full listing of exhibitors for ToyConUK … and as designers/artisans have chosen to promote themselves in the recent years (as opposed to sending in news to toy-news peddlers like the TOYSREVIL-blog :p), I would firmly suggest that said designers/artisans describe as much deters as they can/could about their products and where folks could get them, and how much etc - not just for folks who will already snatch up their products, but also for folks who'd discover their/your work, and want to find out more.

But then again, we are in an age of "pretty pictures", and "implies" buying seems to be a thing of the recent past, as more and more artists join the scene, and the wallet is stretched - well, at least for me anyways LOL

Enjoy the event, regardless!