My First Fuchiko & Gachas from Tokyu Hands Pop-up @ Suntec City #toylife

I had a taste of "Tokyu Hands" this weekend when I visited Suntec City and found their pop-up promotional at the ground floor lobby of Tower 5, but alas, it was to be their last day at the venue Sunday (March 23rd to April 3rd). Tokyu Hands has branches currently at Jurong East and Orchard Central (see further info via If they had one in the East, I'd be in "trouble" hahahaha

We've had "all-Japan household/lifestyle-product"-stores like "Daiso" and "Japan Home", but excruciatingly rare that they'll have a decent toy selection (for older fogeys like myself :p), besides the street-side-vendor array of toddler-fare, IMO.

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And amidst all the household items and stationary, and obviously what caught my attention (welcome to my #toylife, people!) - were the gachas and blind boxes for sale (at a price far beyond my comfort zone, frankly speaking). Prices range between SG$5 for a gacha to $7-10 for blind box, to $24 for the larger sitting "Fuchiko" vinyl figure.

Feeling a bit regretful not asking if there was an orange-clad "OL" ("Office Lady") Fuchiko boxed, or else I would've also gladly grabbed the one on display ... Meanwhile, the gacha Fuchiko came with a shot glasses (made of plastic :p) was awesome lol

My First Fuchikos = YAY!

More toy-pics to come (*perhaps-maybe) … meanwhile more snaps of the pop-up uploaded HERE on the TOYSREVIL Facebook!

That silly cat gacha is hilarious FUN!

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