My Weekend Animewatch: What Happened #TerraFormarsRevenge? & R.I.P. #WorldTrigger ...

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I woke up the very next Monday morning and rethought my impressions of the first episode of Terra Formars Revenge written on my Instagrammed screen-snaps (as I watch them on my lappie), and decided I was being exceedingly arriving, in fact criminally so, and has since joined the "Hating-On-TFR" bandwagon. (Credit: Above screengrab by Mascera).


And a rollercoaster anime-ride it was too, having thoroughly enjoyed "Bakemono no Ko" the day before, then finding out my weekly watch and long-running anime series World Trigger ended it's run unceremoniously with Episode 73, because "TV Asahi (is) replacing their anime block with a sports program"??? (Wiki) … if this was an April Fools' joke, it is in bad taste, and if I were in Japan, I'd be boycotting TV Asahi!

I begin to tear up, re-watching the ending credits (posted below) and hearing the track ("Ashita no Hikari / アシタノヒカリ; Light of Tomorrow" by AAA), and I am genuinely saddened … R.I.P. World Trigger … for now…

Yes, I take my anime seriously, folks.


LISTEN TO / WATCH on #tunestalk:
- "Dream Trigger" (ドリームトリガー) by Pile (Short MV Version)
- "GIRIGIRI" by Sonar Pocket (Full MV)
- "Ashita no Hikari" (アシタノヒカリ; Light of Tomorrow) by AAA (Tour Trailer movie version)


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