Parking Meter Basher by UGLYDOLL x Gravy Toys On Pre-Order Now!

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I might have missed out on the news, but I hope you folks would not miss out on the pre-order! (I know I did, so after posting this, I'll go to the corner of TOYSREVIL HQ and shed manly tears…)

Uglydoll and Gravy Toys have teamed up to make a little sofubi magic! Uglydoll's Wage head gets a "Suns of Brodarr" body, with 2 versions currently made available: Unpainted Glow UGLY with Parking Meter Basher (US$44), and Painted Glow UGLY with Parking Meter Basher (US$46). The pre-order was listed to be open for 9 days, starting Friday April 1st and ending Sunday April 10th … BUT the listing is still "live" and THIS weekend will see the pre-order end instead! = GO!

I wish I'd been paid, so now all I can do is suck on my thumbs :(

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Estimated delivery date is third week in June. The GID pic shown here is actually the "peachy test shot", with the final UGLY be in full glow.
"There is a slight chance that you will see some trans pink UGLY out there before we get these glow. We ordered a VERY limited batch, before even seeing the test shot in hopes that we may have a little something new to show at the upcoming Superfestival This April. If they don't make it in time, we'll just hold onto them for a later release." added Bwana Spoons.

Time for a new photo shoot of the whole gang. UGLY is not cooperating. Way more pro WITH sound.

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