The Final Cosmos Cold Dreary One Release by Kosorobot & Upcoming Spring Time Releases including Kosrobot


Kosrobot ( / Facebook) shares with us news of a new and FINAL " Cosmos Cold Dreary One" resin figure to be released - Dubbed "Dreary One SOLARIS" - this is the last 6 inch Dreary One variant, finished in black and gold colors, purchasable via for US$50 + $10 for shipping worldwide.
"6 inches tall, 5 points of articulation (head, arms, hands). Parts interchangeable with other Cosmos Cold releases. Comes bagged with colorful header and two vinyl stickers."
"I also did a little preview of my spring releases. These are new Tsihata color variants and my new minifigure Kosrobot.

Yes, this is how Kosrobot looks.

Kosrobot is a 3 inch minifigure with classic 5 points of articulation and magnetic joints. It would be released in different colors of resin and few fully painted variants. More info to follow."
- shared Konstantin Budkevich.


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