12MechatroWeGo for Thailand Toy Expo 2016 - Muay Thai Exclusive + "Minna no WeGo in TTE"

WeGo is heading to Thailand Toy Expo, courtesy of 1000toys, with a Grand Opening at Central World, Bangkok, Thailand on May 4th, and Booth #A10,11 (Eden1 Zone: Worldclass designer toys) will open for business from 10am-10pm from May 5th to 8th, 2016.
"MechatroWeGo products will be on display with existing products on sale at the 1000toys booth. Exclusive products will be sold at the TTE Exclusive Shop located at the 3rd Floor Eden 3."

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The TTE exclusive item to be had is the "12MechatroWeGo Muay Thai" Edition! Designed by Kobayashi Kazushi of MODERHYTHM , the MechatroWeGo will be available in a national sport of Thailand Muay Thai Version, and as well feature a JP Toys logo! Priced at 5500baht apiece, this will be available to purchase at at the TTE Exclusive shop located at the 3F Eden 3.

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A selection of custom 12MechatroWeGos will be on display ("Minna no WeGo in TTE"), featuring art by UK graffiti artist "Origina gee", Wetworks from Singapore, and “Hayakawa Yoji” of Sen-Ti-Nel among others.
"We will have all of our brands on display, including TOA Heavy Industries, IZMOJUKI, Kugutu and MechatroWeGo, as well as a few more surprises which we plan to unveil, so please take time to visit us and see what we have in plan. We will be making an announcement next week regarding the products which will be sold at the event, so make sure to check us out!" (Stay connected via Facebook / Instagram @1000toys)