Point GOD / Coach "LEON", Power Forward "Uncle.Bam", Small Forward "Shapeed" and Shooting Guard "Yello.Jay" = make up members of the "23BLOCK" Street Basketball Team!

The creation of CHOGY(초지) from South Korea, these 1/6-scaled articulated figures in fabric clothes and nifty hand-made shoes are currently on pre-order, with each character limited to 10pcs. Folks interested are to email direct: "gyums23@naver.com".

Each figure will come housed in a wooden box with slide-open lid, and a Certificate of Autenticity.

These guys remind me of the swell days of "designer 1/6th" since back in the late-90s, where the aesthetics of "urban streets" with attitudes flourished with HK-designers like Jason Siu et al.

An earlier incarnation of these guys were the "urban vinyl"-styled "ZOOCITY STREET BASKETBALL TEAM" too! LOVE THEM ALL!

The "23BLOCK" team were on-show at the recent Art Toy Culture 2016 (images featured below), and folks can stay connected to their creator via his Facebook fb.com/chogy23 and Instagram @chogy23!

A photo posted by CHOGY(초지) (@chogy23) on

A photo posted by CHOGY(초지) (@chogy23) on

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