#artvsartist - New Art Trend meme featuring Artists & their Art

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A new art trend meme has started seeing social media platform (like Twitter Tumblr and Instagram) bursting with 9-picture grid - revealing images of artists themselves (with selfies or self-portraits), surrounded by their own artwork, alone with the hashtag "#artvsartist"!

Finally, we are able to put a face to the art, AND at the same time see splendid artwork! Understandably this might be a hurdle for folks who would rather remain "anonymous" and not reveal their mugs, but for many others, it is as well an opportunity to "get out" of their own usual communities and share with the rest of the world, methinks.

And as well this acts like a "self-promotional tool" for the moment, and having a chance to promote yourself/yourselves is always a boon, IMHO.

But as importantly, it is FUN and as well allows oneself an opportunity to connect somehow with the rest of the world :)

The initial intention of #artvsartist meme was started to show how an artist and their art look alike (on Twitter or Tumblr? Still trying to track down the source for this tho…), with the theme being "ART VS ARTIST", and has since quickly evolved to include crafts beyond illustration, like make-up, fashion, and even "(art) toys".

I'd personally like to see a Art Toy Culture version with the hashtag "artvstoy" - themed "ART VS TOY", where your "style" and product is showcased, asking the eternal question; "Is Toy; Art?" :p

Meanwhile, you can scan thru the hashtag #artvsartist on Instagram / Twitter / Tumblr :)

*P/S: There is also the hashtag "#artvartist" to consider as well (without the "S"), where more splendid work could be found!

Enjoy & Get Connected,

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Unknown said…
Thank you for featuring mine, Andy! :)
And yes, I agree - This is a fun one. I love seeing everyone's faces and it is surprising how much we all resemble our art. xD