"DEATH TO THE REPUBLIC II" Releases from World's End from Hsin Ho & Mirfak Prabowo

The folks at World's End collaborated with VILLAINS and have prepared a release of galactic proportions on www.worldsend.co, scheduled for May 4th, with "DEATH TO THE REPUBLIC II"! Scroll down to have a gander at awesome collectibles from Hsin Ho (Taiwan), and Mirfak Prabowo (Indonesia).
PRESS: "Die, Rebel Scum! The Death To The Republic series was produced to realize a reverie of how the Empire gloriously triumphed over the Old Republic. For the second year, World’s End will collaborate with artists from Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia to unify the galaxy to bring you “Death to the Republic II”."

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LEGACY from Hsin Ho is available in BLACK and GREY, both sized (H)26 x (W)25.5cm x (B)33.5cm, and both in a limited edition of 20pcs each. Priced at SG$500 apiece, these Life size. 1:1 Scale sculptures are made of fiberglass and resin, and are *made to order*
"I have been a star wars fan since I was 8 years old, after all these years of waiting, I was really excited to watch T he Force Awakens movie on the big screen. When I first saw the melted Vader helmet, I was emotional. I had to sculpt it immediately, I don't know what is it about the melted helmet that it makes me feel serene, I guess we all have a little bit Vader inside of us." - shared Hsin Ho (Read more HERE).

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Bandung, Indonesia-based sculptor Mirfak Prabowo's DEATH VADER and STORMEATER are based on two iconic characters in the Star Wars universe, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper (Seen above). Both are in a limited edition of 10pcs (made to order) and are priced at SG$200 apiece.

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DEATH VADER (w/ Removable cranium)
Enamel paint on Resin sculpture
Sized: (H)13.5cm x (W)8.0cm x (B)7.0cm
"The idea was, what if not one single human exist in the Star Wars universe? That every single living thing would take the form of an alien. Based on that premise, I imagined Death Vader & Stormeater would be in a much more terrifying form. Even more so, the mask and armor suit weren't just a mere gear to cover their whole body, but actually is part of their bodies. The whole form is more organic because it's made of their own flesh and blood." - shared Mirfak Prabowo (Read more HERE)

STORMEATER (w/ Removable tusks)
Sized: (H)12.5 x (W)7.5 x (B)6.5cm